Safety Concern Update 2/4/2023

Dear Penn Yan Community,
This morning the Penn Yan Central School District Administrative Team was made aware of a potential threat to our school community.
We immediately began to work in collaboration with our School Resource Officer and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our students and school buildings. At this time, law enforcement has determined the source of the threat and deemed it non-credible. There are no further safety concerns for the District. All students and staff are safe.
The District will continue to follow all of our safety procedures aligned with the District-Wide Safety Plan. Every possible safety concern is taken seriously by the District and law enforcement. Individuals who threaten our schools will be treated accordingly by the authorities and under the policies of our Student Code-of-Conduct.
A top priority of the District is the safety of all students and staff. We will continue to work in collaboration to support a safe instructional environment that promotes learning. Please contact the District Office directly if you have any concerns or questions.
Thank you,
Howard Dennis
Superintendent of Schools