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Coaches Directory

Fall 2019

Cheerleading: Chris Peck-Ross and Daina Mottler

Cross Country: Rick Smith and Kati VanEtten

Football: Tim McBride, David Tese, Steve Bouchard, Shawn Pollack, Salvatore Sciallo, and Katrina Davenport 

Golf: Dan Doyle and Jared Wigden

Soccer (Boy's): Jason Hassos, Scott Steele, Robert Berry, and Ethan Durocher

Soccer (Girl's): Kyle Nelson, Brent Johnson and Kiki Seago

Tennis (Girl's): Nate Kraemer and Bryan Hill

Volleyball: Eileen Wunder, Bryan Bobo, Melissa Armsden, and Kendra Reed

Winter 2019-2020 

Cheerleading: Christine Peck-Ross and Daina Mottler

Basketball (Boys): Dan Doyle, Rob Grattan, Gerard Conyers, and Steve Willson

Basketball (Girls): Katrina Davenport, Mark Storm, Kurt Soppe, Kiki Seago, and Deb Curbeau

Bowling: Mindy Johnson and Brent Johnson

Wrestling: Theron Chinn, Jason Elliott, and Miles Snyder 

Spring 2019 (Last Season)

Baseball: Willy Hillberg, Brent Johnson, Scott Steele, and Steve Bouchard

Softball: Melissa Armsden, Chris Peck-Ross, and Rachel Angell

Lacrosse (Boys ): Brian Hobart, Harry Queener, Adam Christensen, Jack Hinshaw, and Kevin McNally

Lacrosse (Girl's): K'Leigh Vanaman, Kari DeWick, Patty Queener and Meredyth McMichael

Tennis (Boy's): Nate Kraemer and Bryan Hill

Track & Field: Rick Smith, Kurt Soppe, Aaron Mumby, Kati VanEtten, Steven Vogt, and Marty Gibson
Clay Target Shooting Club: Ted and Angie Cox