PYA Athletics Hall of Fame

 BACKGROUND: The Penn Yan Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Committee was established in 2010, with the first class of inductees entering the Hall of Fame in September of 2011. The goal of the Hall of Fame is to recognize individuals and teams that have made significant contributions to the Penn Yan athletic program. In recognizing these teams, athletes, coaches, and contributors, the Hall of Fame helps to connect today's student-athletes to their predecessors and create a deeper understanding of Penn Yan Academy's rich athletic history. The Honorees are inducted as part of the Homecoming Week festivities during the Fall sports season. The induction ceremony starts with a dinner at the Academy, followed by the program in the auditorium. Inductees are also recognized at the Homecoming football game. Plaques are housed in the display case outside the Academy gymnasium. For ticket or program information, please visit the web page at a later date.

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The Athletic Hall of Fame Award is given for achievement in one or more of the following areas:

Varsity Letter Recipient: Served with distinction in interscholastic athletics as evidenced by more than one of the following: honors/awards received from Penn Yan Academy, league, state or national.

Coach: Served with distinction in one or more varsity sports. Went above and beyond basic expectations as a coach, and maintained appropriate perspective of the intended purpose of interscholastic athletics. Made proper ethical decisions and treated all players with respect and worked toward developing more than just athletic skills.

Team: Served with distinction the values and morals of not only Penn Yan Academy, but the Penn Yan community as a whole. Worked hard as a team and were not judged based on wins and losses, but the dedication they had to the school and the other members of their team.

Contributor: Served with distinction in a capacity that contributed to the success of the athletic program at Penn Yan Academy. Exhibited dedication to the student athletes at Penn Yan Academy

NOMINATIONS: To nominate a team, coach, athlete, or contributor, please click the link on the bottom right of this page.

BIOS: For more information, click on the name of the team or individual.
King Brennan (1948 PYA Graduate)
Kirstjan "Kiki" Seago (1989 PYA Graduate)
Karen (Folts) Dunham (2006 PYA Graduate)
Steve Trombley (1974 PYA Graduate)

Paul Chapman (1979 PYA Graduate)
Michael Manley (2007 PYA Graduate)
Butch Mashewske (1983 PYA Graduate)
Jennifer Miles (1995 PYA Graduate)


Ben Ridley (1958 PYA Graduate)

Brian Legg (1968 PYA Graduate)

Sarah Popper (1999 PYA Graduate)

Coach Edward Pond

1983 Baseball Team


Erin Griffiths (1988 PYA Graduate)

Steve Legg (2000 PYA Graduate)

Richard Marchionda (1962 PYA Graduate)

1998 Girls Lacrosse Team

Penn Yan Moose Lodge


Larry Marchionda (1960 PYA Graduate)

Jack Marshall (Coach)

Brice Queener (2001 PYA Graduate)

1948 Football Team

1982 Football Team


Patrick Cougevan (1989 PYA Graduate)

Jennifer Goodell Cooper (1993 PYA Graduate)

William LaRock (1966 PYA Graduate)

1976 Football Team


1986 Girls Basketball Team

Tony Collins (1977 PYA Graduate)

William "Cris" Crissy (1977 PYA Graduate)

Glenda Oswald Flynn (1988 Graduate)

Harry Goodell (1966 PYA Graduate)

Bob Church (Coach)


Deb Eaves Curbeau (1986 PYA Graduate)

Burt Fingar (1953 PYA Graduate)

Todd Lindsley (1981 PYA Graduate)

Tom Smart (Coach)

Tom Noteware (Coach)

1944 Football Team