1944 Football Team

Facing many obstacles as the country waged war, this team was the first undefeated football team in Penn Yan Academy history, posting a 7-0 record. The 1944 Orange and Blue, nicknamed “The Hammers”, outscored their opponents 193 –18.

The 1944 Penn Yan Academy football team was coached by Bob Meagher and Chuck Reynolds. Coach Ed Pond had been drafted into the service earlier in the year. Players included: Frank Wilson, Dick Look, Bill Rhudy, Laurence Sutherland, Dan Morehouse, Jack Underwood, Pete Disbrow, Dick Conley, Bob Sutherland, Bill Lockett, Don Stork, George Morse, Ron Sutherland, Norm Vaughn, George Decker, Bob “Sparky” Carey, Bob Reynolds, Cliff Lamphier, John McDonald, Pete Fox, Charlie Beach, Bob Armstrong, Dick Morrow, Charles LeClaire, Tony Pizzenti, Bruce Allison, Don Durham, Jim Smithover, Gilbert Bascom, Don Benedict, King Brennan, and Harold Youngs.