Throughout the year, in order to increase the likelihood that our students apply for and secure scholarships to help pay for their education beyond high school, the Guidance Office will advertise scholarships that come to our attention. We will advertise opportunities for both local and national scholarships. Local scholarships (from our area businesses and community organizations that support youth and provide monetary awards for post-secondary education opportunities) are definitely awarded to PYA students if they apply and win the selection competition process. Both types can be accessed by obtaining applications that are updated and stored in the Guidance Office Scholarship File Drawer or on-line at organizational web-sites. If a “hard copy” application is available in the Guidance Office, look in the Scholarship File Drawer BEFORE the green tab (this is where we place currently advertised scholarships with upcoming due dates). You will be kept informed of these scholarships and their respective deadlines in a variety of ways via scholarship newsletters, e-mails sent to student school e-mail accounts, morning announcements, our PYCSD web-site in the PYA Guidance-Scholarship section, or advertised posters.
Newsletter ( – Go to this link to sign up for a weekly scholarship newsletter.

Also, you may search for scholarships on your own via the internet. Feel free to search for scholarships (and colleges, careers, test prep, etc) using the Penn Yan Academy School Counselors career/college search program at: Access this from home by using this activation code: NY01415 to create your account.

Below are some other web-sites that are popular for individualized computer based national scholarship searches: